We won’t have a society if we destroy the environment.


“Plant a tree today; it will help us breathe tomorrow.”

We have green belt of trees more than 35% of the total area of plant. We believe that “trees are the lungs of earth” without trees we can not fight with pollution.

We consistently put in efforts and substantial resources for the sustenance and betterment of the team, the users and everyone involved in the process. We are stringent in complying with the relevant laws, regulations and standards that reflect in our quality achievements. Our employees are thoroughly trained and held responsible and accountable for maintaining the standards. Along with all the visitors and vendors, they understand their obligations concerning our EHS policy. We channel our energy towards communicating and safeguarding the requirements of the employees, the government and the community as a whole.


Solisom Healthcare LLP adopted Zero Discharge policy as per state and center pollution board requirement. we have Double effect MEE Plant with Solvent stripper and ATFD. our plant is equip with all the necessary pollution control equipment. we have 100 KLD ETP facility which help us to achieve zero discharge policy. 

Other equipment are Activated Carbon filter, Sand Filter, Double Stage Acid and Base Scrubber, Dust collector, Bag Filter and Stack.


When safety is first, you last.

We follow zero incident policy for plant activity. Administrative department responsible for heath and safety of worker and implementation of SOP and rules regarding Safety. PPE provided to worker and managerial staff as per requirement of working area. we believe that “every human lives is equally important and as a organization is over responsibility to protect every worker from any injury or incident.

We control accident by risk assessment and incident investigation. We have SOPs for Height work, Hot Work and Vessels or tank work. Before any maintenance or repairing technical staff must have work permit for particular work.