At Solisom healthcare, we take pride in our state-of-the-art API manufacturing area, designed and constructed in strict adherence to the WHO-GMP guidelines. With a focus on quality, purity, and safety, we have created a facility that sets new industry standards, ensuring the production of premium Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) that contribute to better healthcare worldwide.

Design and Construction as per WHO-GMP Guideline: Our API manufacturing area is meticulously designed and constructed to meet the stringent requirements set forth by the World Health Organization’s Good Manufacturing Practices (WHO-GMP) guidelines. From the layout to the equipment installation, every aspect of our facility is carefully planned to optimize workflow, minimize contamination risks, and promote a safe working environment for our skilled professionals.

Crystallization, Filtration, and Powder Processing Area: We have dedicated specialized sections for crucial processes like crystallization, filtration, and powder processing. Each area is equipped with cutting-edge technology and operated by highly trained personnel to ensure precise control over every step of the manufacturing process. Our commitment to innovation guarantees the production of APIs with superior quality and consistency.

Advanced 0.3 Micron AHU System: Contamination control is paramount in pharmaceutical manufacturing. To achieve this, our crystallization, filtration, and powder processing areas are equipped with an advanced 0.3 Micron Air Handling Unit (AHU) system. This high-efficiency air filtration system effectively removes airborne particles and microorganisms, maintaining an environment that meets the Class 10000 cleanroom standard as per the guidelines. This level of air purity ensures the integrity of our APIs and protects the health of our dedicated team members.

Quality Materials for Equipment and Instruments: We prioritize the use of premium materials in our API manufacturing area to prevent any risk of contamination. All equipment and instruments that come into contact with the API production process are constructed with SS316, a high-grade stainless steel known for its exceptional corrosion resistance and durability. For non-contact parts, we use SS304, a stainless steel grade renowned for its hygienic properties and longevity. These measures reinforce our commitment to providing APIs of the highest purity and quality.

Commitment to Excellence: At Solisom Healthcare, our dedication to excellence and compliance with global standards are at the core of everything we do. We continuously invest in the latest technologies, conduct rigorous quality control tests, and prioritize employee training to maintain the highest level of precision, safety, and efficiency in our API manufacturing area.

Partner with us for your API needs, and experience the reliability and superiority of our advanced manufacturing facility. Contact us today to explore collaboration opportunities and witness how our APIs can elevate your pharmaceutical endeavors. Together, let’s create a healthier and brighter future for patients worldwide.


We take great pride in our state-of-the-art Intermediate Manufacturing Area, designed to meet the unique requirements of each product while ensuring the utmost level of purity and minimal contamination risk. With a focus on innovation and quality, our facility stands as a testament to our commitment to producing top-notch Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) that contribute to advancing global healthcare.

Tailored Design for Product and Utility Requirements: We understand that each API and Intermediate requires a specific manufacturing environment to achieve the highest standards of quality. Therefore, our Intermediate Manufacturing Area is meticulously designed to cater to the unique needs of each product and utility. Our team of experts collaborates closely with clients to develop customized solutions that ensure the most efficient and precise manufacturing processes.

High-Grade Materials for Equipment: Contamination prevention is of paramount importance to us. To achieve this, we equip our Intermediate Manufacturing Area with cutting-edge equipment, all featuring contact parts made of SS316, a high-grade stainless steel renowned for its exceptional corrosion resistance. For non-contact parts, we utilize SS304 or MS (mild steel) painted with epoxy paint, ensuring reduced chances of rusting and corrosion. These measures safeguard the purity and integrity of our APIs, adhering to the highest industry standards.

Acid and Chemical-Proof Flooring: Our Intermediate Manufacturing Area is built with acid and chemical-proof ceramic joint-free vitrified tiles, specially chosen for their resistance to corrosive substances and their easy-to-clean properties. This flooring not only ensures a safe and hygienic working environment for our dedicated professionals but also minimizes the risk of cross-contamination.

Unidirectional Process Flow: In our Intermediate Manufacturing Area, we maintain a strict unidirectional process flow, which prevents any possibility of cross-contamination during the manufacturing process. This meticulous approach further enhances the quality and purity of our APIs, reinforcing our commitment to excellence.

Partner with us for your Intermediate and API needs, and experience the reliability and superiority of our advanced manufacturing facility. Contact us today to explore collaboration opportunities and witness how our APIs can elevate your pharmaceutical endeavors. Together, let’s shape a healthier and brighter future for patients worldwide.

chances of rusting and corrosion. Intermediate area flooring constructed with acid and chemical proof ceramic joint free vitrified tiles. in intermediate area maintain unidirectional process flow


Our cutting-edge utilities include:

  1. Steam Boiler: Our advanced steam boiler system provides a reliable and steady supply of high-pressure steam, crucial for various stages of API and Intermediate manufacturing. With precise control mechanisms, we guarantee optimal performance and safety, ensuring the quality of our final products.

  2. Chiller: Temperature control is vital in the pharmaceutical manufacturing process. Our modern chiller system maintains the required cooling temperatures, enabling the synthesis and purification of APIs and Intermediates with unparalleled precision.

  3. Purified Water Plant: Water is an essential ingredient in the pharmaceutical industry, and our purified water plant adheres to stringent purification processes, meeting the highest quality standards. This ensures that all our processes utilize water of the highest purity, preventing any contaminants from affecting the quality of the products.

  4. Tank Farm: Our extensive tank farm is designed to store raw materials, intermediates, and finished products safely and securely. With a dedicated monitoring system, we can track and manage inventory levels efficiently, ensuring a continuous supply chain and minimizing production disruptions.

  5. Scrubber: Environmental responsibility is a core value at Solisom. Our scrubber system efficiently eliminates pollutants from exhaust gases, mitigating any potential impact on the environment and ensuring compliance with environmental regulations.

  6. Cooling Tower: Our cooling tower plays a vital role in dissipating excess heat from various processes, maintaining the ideal temperature for efficient operations. This ensures optimal performance and longevity of our manufacturing equipment, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

  7. Vacuum Jet Ejector: Our vacuum jet ejector is an essential component in creating a vacuum within the process equipment. This technology allows us to carry out reactions under reduced pressure, optimizing the manufacturing process while meeting the highest safety standards.